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    Get the most out of your AWS cloud spend by customizing your environment

    February 24, 2020 | By Admin |

    Once you get started in Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s time to customize.

    Maybe you need custom patching, log monitoring or extra security monitoring features. What about setting up your accounts so you know what’s going on in your environment at all times?

    While cloud providers like AWS have made it easy to start using the cloud – leading to more organizations taking advantage of it – there’s an obvious skills gap in many organizations, making customizing your environment more challenging.

    But if you don’t have the resources in house and don’t want to hire for that kind of role, you still have options. You can always turn to a third-party managed service provider.

    We’ve added these kinds of features and more to our Managed Cloud – AWS service. Here’s a look at three fresh features it offers.

    1. New Customer Portal

    Ensuring you have the best experience is our top priority, and acting on your feedback, we’ve revamped the AWS customer dashboard. The new customer portal offers greater transparency and real-time visibility into the services you’re using. It includes:

    • Real-time alerts when your billing exceeds 10% or more compared to the prior 30 days
    • Service inventory and usage summaries
    • Billing history and summaries
    • Ability to create your own billing reports for download

    You can also contact your account executive directly through the portal.

    1. Premium Services

    The new Premium Services gives our Managed Cloud – AWS customers the option to purchase additional capabilities and development time from certified DevOps experts on demand. There are differing tiers and bundles according to customer requirements. For projects that need an expedited timeline, there’s the High Priority service. For all other projects, there’s Regular Priority service.

    As part of the Premium Services, customers can select a la carte from the following:

    • Architecture replatforming
    • DevOps as a Service
    • Custom enhanced security services
    • Multiple environment deployment
    • Alternate deployment methodologies
    • Marketplace appliance support
    • Custom patching
    • Enhanced security monitoring setup
    • Application performance monitoring
    • Log monitoring
    1. Cloud Readiness Assessment

    If you’re ready to move to AWS but you’re not sure how to get started, the Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) is the perfect way to get your feet wet.

    The CRA is a no-risk, one-time assessment that analyzes your current environment for available optimization and savings opportunities when moving to the cloud. With the CRA, you receive a solutions document that includes:

    • Architectural and solution diagrams
    • Migration plan with estimated timelines
    • Discussion with DevOps about best potential options

    There is no additional AWS commitment required. This is designed purely to give you a realistic idea of what your cloud migration might look like. However, if you migrate to AWS with Sungard AS, the CRA one-time fee will be credited to your account.

    Optimizing your AWS spend

    Whether you’re already using AWS or are in the early stages of your cloud deployment, working with a managed cloud services partner is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cloud spend while focusing on the most strategic projects for your business.

    Learn more about our updated Managed Cloud – AWS offering.

    If you have any questions, we're ready to help.

    Get in touch with a Sungard AS sales specialist.

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