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    Getting To Know You: Building The Right Network

    October 28, 2020 | By Sungard AS |

    Connections are essential in business. We’ve moved beyond simple networking to building relationships – creating close ties with customers, coworkers, and partners – that transcend the business card swap and produce customer intimacy. And it only makes sense, in our increasingly digital world, that we would want to know our colleagues more deeply by understanding our shared interests and goals, and by taking the time to find out what matters most to each other.

    This same need for building solid personal relationships applies to understanding customers’ needs when it comes to cloud services and networking. You need to understand the types of applications, workloads, and environments the customer’s business depends on before you can determine the best cloud and network services for that customer. Without the ability for all your applications and workloads to reliably work together – within or across multiple environments – your cloud environment may not be available when you need it most.

    That’s why Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), a leading provider of highly-available, cloud-connected infrastructure in North America and Europe,  partnered with Megaport, a global leader in cloud connectivity. This partnership provides our customers with access to a globally available Software Defined Network (SDN), delivering on-demand, scalable, and secure connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers and top-tier data centers. This empowers our customers to build connections that enable their hybrid and multicloud environments and allows them to be responsive to changing business demands.

    In fact, Megaport takes connections a step further. With their Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) virtual router service, our customers can directly connect cloud-to-cloud. For example, a customer can directly connect Google Cloud Platform to Azure, or Oracle Cloud to AWS. And these connections are built simply through a point and click interface. Data stays on Megaport’s private network and scales on demand. MCR takes the complexity out of connecting providers to fully unlock the power of multicloud.

    The need is clear: Enterprises are increasingly operating in complex and diverse environments—87% of organizations have a hybrid cloud strategy, while 93% have a multicloud strategy with an average of five clouds, according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report1.

    By combining Sungard AS’s world-class expertise in infrastructure, cloud, recovery, and workplace solutions with Megaport’s industry-leading connectivity solutions, customers gain flexible and adaptable end-to-end solutions built to scale with them at the pace they need to grow.

    Available from Sungard AS’s Connected Infrastructure Hubs in eight data centers throughout North America and Europe, customers can now leverage high-performance, low-latency connectivity to public cloud environments, optimizing application performance by streamlining their hybrid IT and multicloud landscapes.

    Key features of the Sungard AS/Megaport solution include:

    • Connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers – More than 350 service providers are available through the Megaport Marketplace.
    • Global reach – Customers can connect from a Sungard data center to more than 80 cloud regions around the world.
    • Enhanced security – Companies can improve reliability with data travelling through Megaport’s secure private network instead of the best-effort, public internet.
    • Maximum flexibility – Enterprises can scale bandwidth up or down on-demand, while choosing the contract terms that best fit their cloud usage.
    • Speed of provisioning – Connections are made within seconds, not days or weeks.
    • Hybrid IT and multi-cloud environment – Customers can connect their physical and private cloud infrastructure to and across multiple clouds and cloud providers.

    Sungard AS customers would benefit from attaching to the Megaport network when addressing the challenge of siloed applications across distributed environments and clouds. This may include companies employing a colocation-to-cloud solution where they are currently deploying a customer-built and managed private cloud and are moving workloads to or from a public cloud provider. Customers might also be using a colocation-to-colocation environment and are looking for coverage and expansion in the covered areas.

    Advantages of this new Software Defined Cloud Interconnection range from increased reliability and increased performance of the network, to improved scalability, security, and optimized costs. Armed with the confidence that a network can perform and easily scale with business needs, companies are able to focus less on complex network management and more on their core business (and building those coveted relationships).

    Since a business’s success centers not on any one application, but on ensuring all applications work reliably together across multiple environments while remaining available, Sungard AS and Megaport now offer a better way to streamline hybrid IT and multicloud landscapes. Our partnership with Megaport is the right connection to get our customers connected. Find out more in our Megaport press release.

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