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    If your data has the “Seven-Year Itch,” try Managed Backup – AWS

    September 21, 2018 | By Admin |

    As a young Hollywood movie director, Martin Scorsese remembers the exact moment he decided to devote his time to historic film preservation and conservation. He had just walked out of a double-feature of the films “Niagara” and “The Seven-Year Itch,” both starring Marilyn Monroe and made just two years apart. “Niagara” was wonderfully intact and in fine condition, while “The Seven-Year Itch” was already badly faded. Since then, Scorsese and his nonprofit organization, The Film Foundation, have restored more than 800 films and made them available to movie-goers around the world, in addition to helping all people ensure their films, digital files and videos survive through careful backup and protection from catastrophes.

    That’s a little what Managed Backup – Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Sungard Availability Services (“Sungard AS”) is like for today’s enterprises looking to protect and preserve their data in the cloud. Managed Backup – AWS is a fully managed, SLA backed data protection service, that allows companies to back up data from their premises to AWS, giving them a more agile backup solution than what they already have, enhancing their business resilience along the way.

    Why take on the hassle of onboarding the appropriate skills, setting up and managing the process of backing up data to the public cloud when Sungard AS has the tools and expertise to do it for you more quickly, accurately and economically? Think of it as Martin Scorsese coming to your home to backup all your home movies, videos, and even your DVD collection to a secure and cost-effective, easily accessible hyperscale cloud.

    Managed Backup – AWS is well suited to address the needs of organizations looking to update or refresh their in-house legacy backup solutions, as well as organizations starting their journey to cloud.

    Wondering if Managed Backup – AWS is right for you? Use this checklist:

    • Does your organization have a desire to modernize, optimize and cut the costs of legacy data protection facilities based on traditional physical infrastructure (i.e., a desire for a more agile, flexible and scalable backup ability utilizing the cloud)?
    • Do you have a need to refresh your backup infrastructures and are looking to reduce capex investment through an OpEx model?
    • Are you looking for a fully managed data protection service backed by a 98% backup success rate SLA?
    • Do you have a need to get your backups offsite in to a location or hyperscale cloud that is easy to access from anywhere around the world, and is delivered via a consistent global delivery framework?
    • Are you looking for an agile and scalable service that can flex in-line with your cloud journey and transformation initiatives to deliver true business resilience?
    • Do you lack the skills for managing backup in a hyperscale cloud environment?
    • Are you looking to relieve the pressure on your in-house transformation initiative and resources via additional, fully managed, turnkey services and solutions?
    • Do you need a standard, multi-site backup solution that can scale to address branch or regional offices?

    Just as in the example above, Managed Backup – AWS is right for you if you want rapid, local access to your favorite movie at any time, along with the comfort and security of knowing that they are preserved and secure. Managed Backup-AWS from Sungard AS delivers the best of both worlds for your corporate data, providing local on-premise data copies to facilitate rapid access and data restoration along with the comfort and security of remote data copies, held safely and securely off-site in the cloud.

    Wondering if Sungard AS is the right partner for this solution? Think about this:

    • Sungard AS has 40 years of experience innovating and managing customers’ backup and recovery, now extended into AWS cloud for added resilience.
    • Sungard AS is a recognized world leader in backup and recovery, with the AWS skills expected of an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.
    • Sungard AS provides end-to-end services from consulting, Managed AWS in production and recovery, to network and security.

    Sungard AS is a member of the AWS Partner Network, and an expert in managed recovery and production cloud computing. Not only that, but AWS is Sungard AS’ only partner for public cloud managed recovery and production services.

    In other words, Sungard AS brings the scalability and cutting-edge technology of Amazon Web Services and combines it with the infrastructure and recovery expertise of Sungard Availability Services to create an AWS-based production and recovery environments architected to deliver the resiliency and security needed to meet today’s application demands. The end-game is that Sungard AS’ can help customers leverage and optimize use of AWS cloud technologies to navigate a transformation journey that truly supports their infrastructure modernization goals.

    Martin Scorsese once said, “Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive.” Enterprises can view their data in the same way; all data tells a story, and it should be seamlessly available within minutes, in a way that is cost effective, easy-to-implement and vigorously protected. Are you ready for your close-up?

    Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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