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    IT Agility Cartoon: The Right Way to Train Your Employees to Be Agile

    January 6, 2020 | By Sungard AS |


    Digital transformation has changed the game, and it's forcing organizations to change the way they work and do business.

    Gone are the days when the waterfall methodology was a respectable form of application development. Gone are the days when legacy IT was enough to house all your applications and workloads.

    To keep up with the ever-growing changes in technology, tools and processes, many companies are undergoing significant IT infrastructure transformations.

    They're migrating more and more environments to public and private clouds, shifting from waterfall to agile and adopting DevOps.

    But change doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't just impact your IT infrastructure – it impacts your employees as well. As technology evolves, so must the skills of your IT team.

    To keep up with advancements in technologies, tools and practices, your employees need to become more agile. So, invest in skills training.

    While some of your employees may not be interested in learning new skills, chances are you'll come across eager individuals who are excited about the direction your organization's heading and the opportunity to learn new skills. Retrain these individuals and nurture their development.

    If handled appropriately, creating a more agile workforce won't feel so much like putting your employees through the ringer.

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