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    IT Cartoon: Why Cloud Migration Involves More Than Just a Simple Push

    March 25, 2021


    Nearly every business is in the cloud. According to Flexera’s 2021 State of the Cloud Report, 99% of organizations utilize at least one public or private cloud. Ninety-two percent of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy, while 82% employ a hybrid strategy, using some mixture of both public and private cloud.

    And cloud adoption is still on the rise, as organizations continue to seek improved scalability, efficiency, flexibility, and more.

    But there’s a kicker: You can’t just “lift and shift” your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud and expect to reap all the benefits. You must consider a number of factors to determine which workloads are best suited for the various cloud environment options.

    For example, some applications make more sense in the private cloud, some fit better in the public cloud. Other applications might need to be updated before they can be migrated.

    According to Flexera, the biggest challenges companies face when migrating to the cloud include understanding application interdependencies, determining the “technical feasibility” of migrating on-premises applications, and weighing the cost benefits of on-premises versus the cloud.

    There’s no reason to rush into a cloud migration. Before you do anything, make sure you’re following best practices. Do a full discovery on your existing environment to determine what workloads you’re running and how they’re running, as well as how they’re interacting with other applications. Identify your target environment. Then decide what to migrate and how to do it.

    The cloud isn’t one size fits all, so it’s up to you to determine what solution – or solutions – will enable you to meet your business needs. Just know that dumping everything into the cloud is not the answer and will likely create more problems than benefits.

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