Mind the Skills Gap: Match Made in IT Heaven?

    September 4, 2018

    The hiring process would be so much easier if finding IT personnel was like matching on a dating website. Unfortunately, many candidates and employees lack the technical skills needed to make them "Mr. Right."


    Thanks to shifts in technology, including the implementation of machine learning, new cybersecurity challenges and more, IT decision-makers are realizing the biggest roadblock to achieving digital transformation is the lack of qualified candidates with the right skills to do the job. Luckily, organizations have found several ways to address this dilemma.

    Nurturing and developing the skills of your existing employees is one way to deal with the shortage of qualified candidates. By creating a positive work environment that empowers employees to test new technologies and learn new skillsets, organizations are crafting opportunities from within, developing the skills they need and retaining talent through a commitment to education.

    Finding a partner for consulting or to fully manage aspects of your IT also has its advantages. Instead of struggling to find candidates that can do the job, you can save time and resources by working with an organization that already possesses the talents you’re searching for. That frees up time for your IT team to focus on more strategic projects.

    Whether it's molding talent from within or cultivating a relationship with a partner, that perfect IT "match" may be closer than you think.

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