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    A Smart Investment: CLM in the Cloud

      What could you buy with $20 billion dollars? PC Magazine investigated this question a few years ago and the results were interesting. $20 billion dollars could buy you... Learn More

    Avoiding a Supply Chain Disaster: What You Need to Know

    When it comes to avoiding the potential profit losses and pitfalls associated with natural disasters, power outages, cyberattacks, or other unforeseen disturbances,... Learn More

    Our Journey to Devops: How We Transformed Our Infrastructure One Step at a Time

    By Chris Fielding A lot goes into IT infrastructure transformation. We know that firsthand. We've transitioned workloads to the private cloud, adopted... Learn More

    Resilience vs Reliability: Are We Measuring the Right Things for Our Electric Power?

    On 9 August 2019 the UK felt the impacts of what was described by National Grid as an "incredibly rare" event. The impacts were immediate: homes were plunged into darkness,... Learn More

    IT Failure Is Not an Option: Jelly Belly Keeps Rolling Along

    When you manufacture one of America's favorite confections, beloved by a president and a staple in the finest Easter baskets, you know that manufacturing failure is not an... Learn More

    The 4 Most Important Traits of Resilient Business Leaders

    One of the keys to a resilient business is great leadership. Whether your business faces a crisis like a cyberattack, a battle for market share with increasingly... Learn More

    IT Infrastructure Transformation: A CIO’s Perspective on the Best Approach

    More and more companies are realizing that improving their infrastructure – and staying in lockstep with the competition – means moving environments to the public or... Learn More

    Container Security Cartoon: What’s in Your Containers?

    If you’re using container technologies, ask yourself this: Do you actually know what’s inside your containers? Learn More

    How to Combat Data Breach Fatigue at Your Enterprise

    Since 2005, 8,983 data breaches have been made public in the U.S, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. That works out to 1.69 breaches a day, with 11.5... Learn More

    XRS Looks to the Future Through the Cloud

    Debt collection has been around longer than the existence of money itself. Today, debt recovery plays a central role in the credit industry as more and more people apply for... Learn More

    A Beginners walkthrough for building and querying AWS Neptune with Gremlin

    by: Greg Cox Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database well-suited for storing and querying highly-connected data. For online applications that... Learn More

    Attributes of resilient businesses: What C-suite leaders say businesses need

    Resilience has many definitions. For organizations on the Gulf Coast and Eastern seaboard, it might mean withstanding hurricanes. For others, it’s avoiding ransomware attacks... Learn More


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