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    The Past, Present and Future of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Being able to protect and continue the value creating operations of an organization in the event of a disruption is nothing new - it's something organizations have been doing... Learn More

    When IT Comes to IT Migrations and Infrastructure Resilience, Teamwork Counts

    When you think of great teamwork, what comes to mind? Perhaps The Beatles (John, Paul, George & Ringo are pretty hard to beat)? Or the Miracle on Ice (the 1980... Learn More

    Are You in Denial About Your Enterprise’s Need for Resilience?

    By James A. Martin In a survey conducted for Sungard AS earlier this year, 500 U.S. C-suite executives were asked about their enterprise’s resilience. The results may... Learn More

    Colocation & Cloud: So Happy Together

    More than 50 years ago, a little-known American rock & roll band called The Turtles released the chart-topping hit So Happy Together, knocking the Beatles out... Learn More

    Post-merger IT Integration: How Entertainment—or Any Industry—can Avoid Costly Outages

    There's big news in the entertainment world. Viacom and CBS have struck a deal to recombine after 13 years apart. While the two industry heavyweights may share... Learn More

    Disaster Recovery Security: How to Secure Your Organization as You Recover

    The most resilient organizations proactively address emerging threats, prioritize cybersecurity and have a plan in place to quickly mitigate vulnerabilities. ... Learn More

    A 5 Step Plan to Organizational Resilience

    We often think of "organizational resilience" in the context of threats and hazards such as floods, fires, cyberattacks, hurricanes etc. However, being... Learn More

    Cybersecurity Basics: How Local Governments Can Avoid Ransomware Attacks

    Baltimore has already spent $18.2 million in recovery and other costs after a ransomware attack in May. A school district in upstate New York recently delayed... Learn More

    How to Identify and Manage Disaster Recovery Risk

    By John Beattie Your data and compute capabilities are spread across multiple data centers, computer rooms, availability zones, geographic regions and international... Learn More

    The Toll Cyberattacks and Other Crises Take on CISOs

    By James A. Martin You don't need to look far to witness the toll that cyberattacks, natural disasters, and other crises take on enterprises. One example is Marriott... Learn More

    Ignore the 5G Hype. Focus on This Instead.

    5G will spark a Cambrian explosion of connected devices that will make our lives easier, better and more efficient in countless ways. Smart homes will become smarter.... Learn More

    Steps Your Business Should Take to Recover from a Hurricane

    Hurricanes bring power outages, flooding and destruction of property. Each of these devastating consequences can keep your business offline for weeks. Of... Learn More


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