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    Rehab Hospital Of the Pacific Strengthens Its Technology Core

    November 26, 2019 | By Sungard AS |

    As we get older, we may find that our body needs more frequent tune ups – maybe you're due for a knee replacement, arthritis is affecting your spine, or you've had a stroke and you need physical therapy. The good news is that physical rehabilitation is an increasingly growing field - not only are the baby boomers aging, but technology is transforming the treatments available.

    For a unique organization like REHAB Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB), being the only acute care medical rehabilitation hospital serving Hawaii means you must stay ahead of the curve to give your patients the advanced care they need. REHAB knows the importance of keeping their own infrastructure updated,- too, in order to support their efforts in providing the highest quality patient care. That's why REHAB turned to Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to do just that, choosing Cloud Recovery – Virtual Servers to protect their information technology from disasters, while providing greater security, availability and efficiency.

    Physical Rehabilitation – A Growing Need

    For over 65 years, REHAB has provided comprehensive medical rehabilitation services in its Hospital, a hospital-based Physicians Clinic and three Outpatient Clinics on Oahu and the Big Island. Each year, REHAB cares for more than 11,000 patients who may have suffered physical and cognitive impairments from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, complicated orthopedic injuries, and more.

    But while innovative technology is critical to supporting the physical rehabilitation services offered to REHAB patients – such as the Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill, C-Arm and the InBody 770 – the information technology (IT) that REHAB invests in to track patients with integrated medical records is just as important.

    Having integrated medical records with a single source is beneficial to patients so that every provider and hospital can stay interconnected and process their records securely and judiciously. It's no easy task, however, since there are many confidentiality and security requirements in healthcare to ensure the patient's protection and privacy such as HIPAA (the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and challenges due to potential security threats such as computer hackers. Working with Sungard AS, a leader in delivering resilient and recoverable IT infrastructures, has led the charge to business resilience at REHAB.

    Staying Flexible Is Critical

    Business resilience is essential for hospitals like REHAB because every organization faces unexpected disruptions to their business and IT operations, whether brought on by disaster or a new market opportunity. But those caring for vulnerable patients must adapt to disruptive events even more urgently by embedding resiliency into and across their environments, making business and IT operations more available, safe and agile.

    In REHAB's case, the added issue of complying with HIPAA, Protected Health Information (PHI) and new Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) requirements necessitated the need to ensure rapid data access while meeting information access requirements. Cloud Recovery – Virtual Server powered by Zerto was the right solution for their needs.

    Sungard AS, working with Zerto – an industry leader for IT resilience – provides guaranteed virtual recovery for REHAB, regardless of storage technology. Cloud Recovery – Virtual Server powered by Zerto is a fully managed recovery environment offering a two-hour, service level agreement (SLA)-backed recovery guarantee. It eliminates the need to set up, manage and maintain a secondary recovery environment, helps reduce capital investments with a pay-as-you-use pricing model, and meets the fast Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of higher-value applications and mission-critical data. REHAB took advantage of Zerto for Tier 1 – 2 recovery and Data Domain as a backup methodology for their Tier 3 environment.

    With the help of Sungard AS and Zerto, REHAB was able to build an infrastructure consisting of 80 Virtual Machines with Cloud Recovery – Virtual Server. In addition, Hot site services with Sungard AS allow them to continue operating in the event of a disaster by using EMC Data Domain, a high-speed data storage system including disk-based backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.

    Today, REHAB is protected from natural or computer-related disasters with a tested, reliable disaster recovery and business continuity plan with defined RTOs and RPOs.

    Transformation Reflects Needs Of Society

    For several years, REHAB has been able to offer breakthrough technologies and innovative therapies to provide the most powerful program for each patient. Examples of the clinical rehabilitation programs that thrive because of technologies that support them include the AlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill, Music Glove, and a Life Skills Lab – all of which push the limits of rehabilitation medicine. With these technologies, some patients can stand or walk for the first time, recover hand function after a debilitating injury, or learn to drive a car with adaptive technology.

    Whether REHAB is enabling patients to learn new ways to do familiar things in order to thrive, or testing its own technology to balance multiple Recovery Time Objectives and optimize costs with a diverse IT portfolio for resilient recovery, it all boils down to using new technology and new processes to do things they have never done before.

    With Sungard AS and Zerto, REHAB can challenge the limits of what is possible with technology. View our recent engagements at ZertoCON Local in New York and Southern California to learn more about "Surviving Ransomware & Avoiding Cloud Pitfalls."

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