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    IT security cartoon: When your security solution is actually the problem

    Security should be a high priority for every organization. Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of quality cybersecurity staffers on the market. Who’s... Learn More

    Nashville: Where technology & country music collide

      No one has ever accused the country & western music industry of being an early adopter of technology. Some of the most famous C&W songs in history conjure up tech... Learn More

    The modern-day quarterback: a model of resilience for today’s businesses

    Every modern-day quarterback knows what it’s like to keep going in the face of adversity, from fighting extreme temperatures and high winds to feeling the effects of repeated... Learn More

    3 High-Profile Business Disruptions—and the Resilience Questions They Raise

    By James A. Martin Over the past two years, 93 percent of organizations experienced tech-related business disruptions, according to IDC’s 2018 “The State of IT... Learn More

    How resilient are you? New Forrester DRaaS study sheds light on business resilience

      Sungard AS manages large-scale infrastructure recovery using application discovery and dependency mapping, automated change management, and advanced orchestration... Learn More

    Sungard AS fortifies storm prep plans to face the next bomb cyclone

    The unpredictable weather this spring would test the nerves of even the most weathered storm chasers. Phenomena ranging from unprecedented flooding to tornadic outbreaks to... Learn More

    How Your Business Can Be Resilient Throughout 2019

    By James A. Martin Thus far, 2019 has been anything but dull, with a protracted government shutdown, Antarctic temperatures in the Midwest, and the continuing... Learn More

    Top 5 Technologies Most Likely to Impact Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

    By James A. Martin Having safeguards to protect against natural and cyber disasters, and bouncing back swiftly from them, are key to being a resilient organization.... Learn More

    Diversity, balance and other simple things we love

    By Kathy Schneider, CMO, Sungard Availability Services I recently took part in a panel discussion in London to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, where more... Learn More

    International Women’s Day: Let’s bring balance to the workplace together

    The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is “Balance for Better”, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate message. Learn More

    Micro-segmentation for private cloud: Why perimeter security is no longer enough

    The more we continue to embark on the adventure of “digital transformation,” the more important security becomes. Learn More

    Verus Analytics counts on Sungard AS for IT resilience

    Have you ever received a letter from your insurance company telling you that you might have unclaimed insurance funds? Or seen those annual unclaimed property lists in the... Learn More


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