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    What Are IT Managed Services?

    By Sungard AS As an alternative to managing IT assets in house, organizations can opt to delegate the responsibility for managing compute, storage and network... Learn More

    Definitions & Examples Of The Different Cloud Services

    By Sungard AS Private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure services explained Choosing the right cloud solution for your business is key to ensuring a balance... Learn More

    What Is Hybrid IT? The Benefits & Approaches

    Hybrid IT, in its most simple form, is the mix of IT infrastructure platforms - legacy on-premise and private/public hybrid clouds - that an enterprise uses to satisfy... Learn More

    Today's apps mean big business

    By Sungard AS Today, apps are no longer just for games - they are taking on big business. Just as David once felled Goliath with a well-aimed pebble, so too are... Learn More

    The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud

    What is the difference between public and private cloud? Choosing the right cloud solution for your business is a vital part of creating a strong hybrid IT strategy.... Learn More

    Private Cloud Definition & Uses

    By Sungard AS The private cloud is a data hosting solution dedicated to a single customer and is the best solution for businesses concerned about performance, security... Learn More

    Managed Cloud AWS Gives You the Best of Two Leading Brands

    From 31 March, Sungard Availability Services will offer managed services on both our hosted private cloud (HPC) and on Amazon Web Services' (AWS). Managed Cloud – AWS will... Learn More

    Resilience Takes Centre Stage with Widespread Cloud Adoption

    Sungard Availability Services has sponsored research from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the research and analysis arm of the Economist Group (of the magazine),... Learn More

    Sungard Availability Services’ Government Cloud Supports ‘Cloud First’ Policy and Achieves Cost-savings for Home Office

    When Home Office needed a cloud partner it could depend on to host four important applications and provide a disaster recovery service to minimize downtime it chose Sungard... Learn More

    Increasing Recoverability, and Resiliency in a Hybrid IT Environment

    IT departments today have a dual challenge: delivering high availability for increasingly complex hybrid IT environments to make sure they never go down, and ensuring... Learn More

    Cloud-based Recovery Goes Mainstream – yet Majority Still Exposed to Risk

    A vast number of organisations are turning to cloud-based recovery solutions, with this route emerging as the fastest-growing form of recovery expanding at a rate of 30%... Learn More

    A Managed Cloud Recovery Service for AWS

    If you run some or all of your production applications in a cloud deployment model, you may worry about how an unexpected outage may impact on your business. Learn More


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