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    So you think you know what DRaaS is?

    By Sungard AS Many in the market see Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS) as 'Disaster Recovery in the cloud'. That view is looking increasingly out-dated... Learn More

    Discover 5 Ways To Recover Your Data On The Cloud

    By Sungard AS Although the most reliable businesses attempt to prevent disasters rather than react to them, it is inevitable that disruption will hit your organization... Learn More

    DRaaS And The Cloud: The Why, What, And How Of Recovery Services

    By Sungard AS The network cloud has become a very popular place. All kinds of services can be found there. Now, add disaster recovery to the list. It turns out that... Learn More

    Cloud's Alphabet Soup: The Difference Between Cloud IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS?

    ITaaS? SaaS? IaaS? PaaS? Wonder what it all means for you and your business? Read here to find out how to spell out 'solutions' from the alphabet soup! If you’ve been... Learn More

    Customers need to know they can retrieve and delete data from Cloud Services whenever necessary

    By Sungard AS Of those surveyed, 37% remain uncertain (22% fifty-fifty, 15% not confident) that they can transfer data to and from cloud-based services quickly and... Learn More


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