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    Sungard AS Blog | DISASTER RECOVERY (3)

    Steps Your Business Should Take to Recover from a Hurricane

    Hurricanes bring power outages, flooding and destruction of property. Each of these devastating consequences can keep your business offline for weeks. Of... Learn More

    IT Failure Is Not an Option: Jelly Belly Keeps Rolling Along

    When you manufacture one of America's favorite confections, beloved by a president and a staple in the finest Easter baskets, you know that manufacturing failure is not an... Learn More

    Sungard AS salutes the everyday transformer at DRJ Spring

    “More Than Meets the Eye” is the slogan for Transformers, a popular line of children’s action figures in which parts can be shifted around to transform a toy from a vehicle,... Learn More

    Forgetting this one thing could lead to a supply chain disaster

    It’s in your company’s best interest not to overlook disaster recovery (DR). If you’re hit with a cyberattack, natural disaster, power outage or any sort of other unplanned... Learn More

    Twisters and ice storms and flash floods, oh my!

    This time of year, the trees of New England put on a spectacular color show as the cooler fall weather brings the annual turning of the leaves. Tourists affectionately... Learn More

    Shifting from What to How: One Year After Harvey, Irma and Maria

    As the dog days of summer arrive and the cicadas conduct their annual concert series, we are reminded once again of the threat of hurricanes. And while the 2018 season... Learn More

    Tammac Holdings remains strong despite freak tornado strike

    Talk about your one-in-a-million situations. On June 13th, an EF-2 tornado struck the township of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. in the dark of night. For a city of approximately... Learn More

    Sungard AS offers customers updated cloud recovery service powered by Zerto

      Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) is pleased to announce the availability of an enhanced version of the Cloud Recovery – Virtual Servers service it first... Learn More

    MREs or MRUs? Now’s the Time to Make Critical Choices for Hurricane Season 2018

    When a fleet of monster trucks, canoes, jon boats, motor boats, kayaks, and the Cajun Navy make their way into town, you know it’s too late to make a readiness plan in... Learn More

    Sungard AS and GFMS prove that some things are worth a second shot

    GFMS Case Study: Have you ever switched brands – shampoo, blue jeans, cell phones come to mind – thinking you could get the same (or a similar) product at a better cost, only... Learn More

    Why everyone’s thinking about ransomware the wrong way

    by Sandra Bell It’s become a fact of life that hackers might lock down your computer, blocking access to your most valuable data, and vowing to free it only if you pay... Learn More

    How to guard your company against cryptojacking and ransomware

    By Asher DeMetz The bull market for bitcoin is catching a lot of attention. Most notably among hackers. This is why the cost of a ransomware attack was expected to... Learn More


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