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    Who needs Hosted Private Cloud? Try your landlord, healthcare provider and edtech service, for starters

    April 30, 2018 | By Admin |

    When Sungard Availability Services introduced its hosted private cloud solution for Dell EMC environments last month, companies began taking a second look at their cloud installations. From real estate management firms to healthcare providers to educational technology (edtech) vendors, businesses of all types began assessing their need for greater security and resilience.

    What do these industries have in common? With cyberattacks and ransomware incidents on the rise, as well as the possibility of natural and manmade disasters, businesses of all types and sizes are turning to hosted private clouds for increased security, availability and capacity – not to mention cost.

    For example, one customer – a large, global real estate operating company – was experiencing frequent network outages due to an aging IT infrastructure. Although the company manages both commercial and multifamily properties all around the world, they were limited on storage capacity, had an unstable backup system, and required stronger DR capabilities for audit and compliance testing success. They chose Sungard AS Hosted Private Cloud to help remediate storage capacity limitations, performance issues, and outages related to servers, storage and networks.

    Another customer, a privately held company serving the higher education industry with a modular platform covering all areas of college enrollment, handles hundreds of thousands of student applications and financial aid cases, plus millions of documents. Since all their services are provided over the Web, any authorized user can access any application anywhere with a supported browser on a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. A breach could place thousands of students’ confidential information in jeopardy, not to mention placing their educational institutions in danger of losing government support for loans.

    But the biggest sector responding to Hosted Private Cloud is the healthcare segment, seeking resilience from cyber intrusions and lower IT costs. HPC can fulfill their entire production environment and protect it with disaster recovery services.

    One such company is a healthcare partnership managing Medicare Advantage populations in global risk plans by navigating and reconciling the nuances involved in both improving care, while decreasing costs across their unique patient populations. HPC provides the financial benefit of delivering in an Operating Expense (OpEx) model, allowing healthcare institutions the freedom to focus on their business and patient initiatives versus having to manage their expanding IT environments.

    The ever-present need for regulatory and legal compliance adds to the complexity of cloud transformations, especially in the healthcare industry. HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid all place regulatory burdens on healthcare and insurance providers for IT compliance.

    Beyond the healthcare sector, GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation, designed to strengthen and unify data protection for residents of the European Union regardless of where in the world that data is used, stored, or processed) looms large on the horizon for businesses of any type. Hosted Private Cloud can help companies comply with fully dedicated resources in both physically and virtually isolated environments to meet data protection, compliance and regulatory needs.

    Finally, Sungard AS Hosted Private Cloud provides fully automated business continuity with a stateful managed recovery solution, which safeguards designated virtual assets. This means there is no need to build firewalls, the network or load balancers – the customer’s full environment, application dependencies and associated data remain in synch following a disaster. Applications will be able to failover and failback without needing to be rebuilt.

    Essentially, any organization looking to transform from traditional infrastructure to a cloud delivery model would do well to consider Hosted Private Cloud. Chances are, most institutions you do business with are facing a strategic redirection of their hardware infrastructure, shifting away from managing infrastructure to running their business.

    No matter what business you’re in, Sungard AS can address the full range of hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments as a single resource provider. Think of us as a “one stop shop” for helping you optimize your spend , setting up an application in the right cloud for your needs, and delivering the availability to match the application tier to your requirements.

    You can learn more about the Sungard AS Hosted Private Cloud solution at Dell Technologies World, April 30 – May 2 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Find out more at @DellTechWorld, Booth 447 #DellTechWorld @DellEMC. Or, you can attend our breakout session in the World Chat Theater B on Wednesday, May 2 at 4:10 p.m. Either way, you’ll discover how Sungard AS is transforming IT for resilient business.

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