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    Customer Advisory Board


    Customer Advisory Board

    The board meets regularly with representatives from Sungard AS senior management team and has real influence on the quality, direction and cost of Sungard AS services to ensure that they continue to meet all customers' needs and expectations. You can contact us with any queries by emailing the advisory board.

    The Board's charter is to:

    • Represent the customer viewpoint on current and future Sungard AS policies, procedures and services;
    • Act as a conduit to Sungard AS on general matters relating to hybrid IT, security and digital disruption arising from professional, governmental or regulatory requirements;
    • To gain and share insights on all matters which may affect their organization's approach to the above.
    • Advisory Board meetings enable Sungard AS to obtain frank feedback on their plans, and provide the opportunity for the Board to voice concerns and comments brought to their attention in customer correspondence and contact. Additionally Board meetings are used to educate members on various shared aspects of business continuity (with information provided by individual customers from within or outside the Board, other suppliers to market, Sungard AS itself or professional and regulatory bodies).

    The members of the Advisory Board are senior managers of companies spanning a range of industry sectors, geographic locations and technology usage within the Sungard AS customer base. They have varied responsibilities not confined solely to business continuity. This wide experience means the Board can effectively advise on the full range of existing and proposed product and service offerings.

    These members are invited to serve for three years, retiring in rotation, but with the right to serve a further term by mutual agreement. At all times the aim is to maintain a diverse representation.

    All members of the Advisory Board will be happy to be contacted with comments or suggestions concerning Sungard AS services or to offer practical advice.