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    An Introduction to AWS EC2 Traffic Mirroring

    This summer I had the opportunity to attend AWS’s re:Inforce security conference. There, I was able to catch up with old acquaintances, learn some new tricks, and generally... Learn More

    A Journey into Container Security

    Recently, someone came to me with a new challenge – “Our team was already working on a technology strategy around containers, Docker, and orchestration with Kubernetes.  I... Learn More

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Tools Quick Start

    In my previous articles, we looked at security governance in both small-scale and large-scale Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. Governance at Different Scales – Part 1 Learn More

    Cloud Governance at Different Scales – Part 2

    Moving up in Scale In the first part of this series (read it here), we looked at cloud governance when an organization is a small number of accounts.  As an organization... Learn More

    Governance at Different Scales – Part 1

    The Problem As organizations shift from traditional on-premise or dedicated hosted solutions to public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), many are trying to... Learn More

    Evolving Your Security Program for Hyperscale Clouds

    More and more organizations are experimenting with and shifting workloads to the Hyperscale Clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform... Learn More


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