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    Condensation: Bringing DevOps and Code Reuse to AWS CloudFormation

    Kevin McGrath, Senior CTO Architect, giving his AWS Lightning Talk at the Partner Theater Last Wednesday, Senior CTO Architect, Kevin McGrath, from Sungard Availability... Learn More

    How to Move an Enterprise to Continuous Integration: A Demo

    In this post, I am going to show you how to quickly implement an open source version control system that is capable of Continuous Integration on AWS for your organization.... Learn More

    Oracle is Positioning itself for a PaaS and SaaS Grand Slam

    Oracle’s cloud, with it’s well rounded service availability and the continuing investments made by Oracle, is definitely in the rear view mirror and at a distance from the... Learn More

    How to Build Condensation Particles with Docker

    For developers that do not use nodejs, one of the pain points when creating a condensation project for the first time is grabbing node, installing npm, yeoman, and the... Learn More

    How to Move an Enteprise to Continuous Integration: An Intro

    Part one of a three-part series There is an article that has been quoted many times over the years, that originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal in 2011, written by... Learn More

    Seven Essential Things You Need to Know to Publish on the AWS Marketplace

    AWS Marketplace is an online store for software vendors to sell their software product bundles  to AWS customers. The AWS Marketplace currently features over 2,500... Learn More

    Plan to Fail in your DevOps Iterations… and Win Overall

    DevOps transformations are not easy. Organizational culture, people, processes, collaboration, automation and continuous improvement can act as key enablers. By paying... Learn More

    AWS Greases the Skids to the Cloud

    AWS made multiple product announcements at the April AWS Summit in Chicago. For an attendee like me who has spent most of his career working with storage technologies, I was... Learn More

    Lambda Formation: Rocket fuel for AWS CloudFormation

    Since the launch announcement in late 2014, Lambda has become one of the most popular and fastest growing services on AWS.  With no infrastructure to worry about, there’s no... Learn More


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