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    Sungard Availability Services Introduces Cyber Incident Recovery Offering

    May 25, 2022

    New offering mitigates the risk of a failed or delayed data recovery effort after a successful cyberattack

    WAYNE, PA — May 25, 2022 — Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) has launched a new Cyber Incident Recovery offering that enhances customers’ ability to swiftly and successfully recover data that’s been compromised from a cyberattack. 

    The global cost of ransomware has ballooned to $20 billion in 2021 compared to just $325 million in 2016. The average ransom paid by mid-sized organizations is $170k, but just 65% of the encrypted data is restored after the ransom is paid. Disaster recovery (DR) programs alone don’t provide effective and comprehensive coverage for a cyberattack. Cyber recovery requires more, including keeping backups safe from ransomware, a clean room for forensic analysis, and testing of plans specific to cyber resiliency. 

    Sungard AS’ Cyber Incident Recovery offering fills that gap through a wide range of managed and self-service data protection solutions, all designed to offer off-site immutable and air-gapped backups, and tailor recovery options for your business requirements. The offering includes:

    • Immutable and ultimate airgap backup. 3-2-1-1 approach for comprehensive data recovery that provides ultimate airgap and immutable backup with at least one offline backup copy

    • Stringent identity and access management. Additional layer of protection for both internal and external threats

    • Clean room recovery. Clean room environment for forensic analysis and rapid identification of clean recovery point

    • Cyber recovery simulation. Validate immutable and air-gapped backup, and data recovery plans and procedures

    • Managed application-level recovery. Sungard AS will provide hands-on support to recover all underlying infrastructure and dependencies, and deliver working business applications

    “There’s a misconception that traditional DR plans will help businesses recover data after a successful cyberattack, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Shashank Khanolkar, Vice President of Product Development and Solutions Engineering at Sungard AS. “Cyberattacks require an entirely different strategy. Our new Cyber Incident Recovery offering consists of a comprehensive suite of services, technology and support that reduces the risk of prolonged downtime and improves your chances of effectively recovering your vital data after a cyber event.”

    With over 40 years in the recovery business and a proven track record of successful ransomware recoveries, Sungard AS has pioneered the most comprehensive essential practice framework available for cyber incident recovery, further distinguishing itself as the industry leader in response and recovery. Learn more about Sungard AS’ Cyber Incident Recovery Program here.

    About Sungard Availability Services
    Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) is a leading provider of cloud connected infrastructure solutions serving enterprise customers from 75 hardened data centers and workplace recovery facilities in nine countries. Sungard AS has a 40-year track record of delivering resilient and highly available hybrid IT solutions. Backed by high-performance networks, Sungard AS modernizes customers’ end-to-end IT across connected infrastructure, cloud, recovery and workplace solutions. Working with customers to understand their business objectives, Sungard AS identifies gaps in customers’ current environments and tailors a solution to achieve their desired business outcomes. Visit Sungard AS at or call +1 888 537-6519 in the U.S. or +44 808 238-8080 in the U.K. Connect with us on our blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 

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    Gregory FCA for Sungard AS

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