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    Sungard AS Cloud Backup & Recovery powered by Veeam delivers an end-to-end cloud-based backup and recovery solution for your most valuable asset: your data.

    Sungard AS Cloud Backup and Recovery powered by Veeam

    Better Backups and Smarter Recovery - Sungard AS is your best-case scenario for the protection and recovery of your most valuable asset – Your Data!

    If you’re not looking to Veeam and Sungard AS to support your backup and recovery plan, then its time to re-think your current solution.



    Your First Recovery is on US! 

    If a disaster event occurs during your initial contract term, Sungard AS will waive the Declaration Fees and the Pay Per Use fees** at time of disaster for the first 7 days of your recovery.***

    Maximize your valuable resources and simplify your business recovery when you need it the most with the one recovery partner who is as invested in protecting and recovering your data as you are.

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    Why are organizations changing their primary backup solution? *

    • To improve reliability (success rates) of backups 39%
    • To reduce software or hardware costs 38%
    • To improve ROI/TCO 33%
    • To improve RPO/RTO SLAs 30%
    • To reduce complexity of organizational management (ease of use) 30%

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    *Veeam – "5 Reasons to switch backup"
    ** Determined at contract execution and based on scope and configuration of recovery resources
    *** Offer reserved for new Cloud Backup and Recovery customers only