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    Strategies for recreating lost data

    In every data recovery situation, whether it’s an IT disaster event or a ransomware attack, there’s a strong likelihood that some data won’t be recovered. What are you... Listen Now

    How to optimize your cloud spending

    The endless benefits of the cloud are well documented, which is why 87% of companies employ a hybrid cloud strategy, with some combination of public and private cloud.... Listen Now

    Disaster recovery lessons learned from 2020, and how to have a more resilient 2021

    2020 offered countless lessons in resilience. Chris Butler, Lead Principal Consultant, Resilience and Security at Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) joins IT... Listen Now

    Homeworking vs. Workplace Recovery

    Some organizations have found working from home to be hugely successful during the pandemic. Others not so much. But what other options do they have, especially during a... Listen Now

    Mainframe recovery simplified with Managed Vaulting for Data Domain with Dell EMC DLm

    Mainframes manage 91% of all credit card transactions and operate 68% of the world’s production IT workloads. Yet most businesses still rely on physical tape for mainframe... Listen Now

    Connecting Clouds: Introducing Sungard AS' New Private Cloud

    While pursuing digital transformation, you can’t overlook the importance of resilience, flexibility and scalability.   Listen Now

    How to evaluate third-party risk

    As organizations re-evaluate the state of their resilience, many are quickly discovering a serious blind spot when it comes to their third-party partners. Tom Holloway,... Listen Now

    How to recover data after a successful cyberattack

    If you believe your traditional disaster recovery plan will help recover your data after a cyberattack, you might want to think again.   Listen Now


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