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    Backup, Replication and Data Recovery – Fully Managed By Sungard​ AS


    Your applications are what drive your business and the availability of those applications is what makes you successful. Sungard AS provides for application availability using end-to-end data protection solutions to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively, and securely.

    Through our partnership with industry-leading backup and replication technology partners, Sungard AS’s Managed Backup Services, provides a utility-based pricing model backed by SLA’s, application-level recovery and a is CapEx-free solution.

    With Sungard AS Managed Backup Services and guaranteed SLAs, your capacity is there when you need it, not when you don’t. When using Managed Backup Services, you will see no increase in capital expenditures, and as data demand increases, you can scale on-demand, only paying for the usage you need. Not only that, you are free to allocate your people to other projects or problems, reducing the pressure on your resources and mitigating the risk of human error in the complexity of your internal environment.