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    Managed SIEM: Making security SIEMple​


    Security is a responsibility that is hard to keep up with. Not only are companies seeing exponential increases in the sheer volume of threats, but the complexity of those threats is dramatically rising as well. Attempts to counteract this evolving threat landscape have led to a proliferation of security devices that can actually obscure visibility, and ultimately, real threats. The data collected from those devices can be cumbersome to manage without common visibility. Yet IT departments are under pressure to demonstrate the value of security investments.

    That is where Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), a big data security technology, can provide the answer. However, companies that have gone through the arduous process of implementing their own SIEM understand the challenges all too well. Without adequate up-front planning, appropriate staffing, and security expertise, SIEM implementations often turn into expensive shelfware or glorified logging platforms, while offering little to enhance a company’s true security posture.