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    Mobile Recovery Services Brochure


    Sungard Availability Services’ mobile recovery services provide a flexible and mobile solution for customers requiring a self-contained environmentally controlled computing equipment or workspace near their affected facility. Customers can recover close to home, with little or no impact to end users.

    What is the service?

    There are two services; mobile equipment recovery and mobile workplace recovery. The former consists of computing equipment and the infrastructure required to house and power it, while the latter focuses on housing workers and the personal equipment, like PCs and phones, that they need to be productive.

    Sungard AS designed, owns, and maintains a fleet of custom-designed Mobile Recovery Units that can provide customers with up to 250 workspace seats anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada. Both types of mobile units, Mobile Data Center (MDC) and Mobile MetroCenter (MMC) have been designed with no road restrictions and no special transport permit requirements. Units are stored in and dispatched from Smyrna, GA; Marlborough, MA; Copley, OH; and Scottsdale, AZ.