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    How would your business recover from a cyber-attack?

    November 10, 2021 

    Virtual Conference

    Hosted by: Rela8 Events

    We’ve seen an explosion in ransomware attacks during the pandemic, and the NCSC states that cyber is the main strategic threat to businesses in the UK.

    In fact, if “Cyber” was a country, it would have a GDP of around $6tn in 2021, such is the value of cyber-crime. With such lucrative rewards on offer, and the apparent willingness of companies to pay the ransom, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for cyber criminals to launch attacks on viable business targets.

    Preventative measures are always a good starting point, and with increasingly more sophisticated attacks now the norm, it is more important than ever for businesses to think about how they would recover any cyber compromised data.

    During this session we will review some of the more significant recent cyber-attacks and discuss the options for businesses once they’ve been compromised. Delegates will also be able to discuss:

    • Understanding what needs to be protected and how to identify priorities
    • The challenges of meeting recovery objectives when you’ve suffered a cyber attack
    • The importance of testing and exercising to plan for the worst case scenario
    • The growing limitations of insurance cover