Resilience beyond the technology


With high availability and 100% uptime the expectation, 86% of IT teams are trying to manage a competitive hybrid technology landscape and realizing they simply can’t do it all.

As businesses evolve and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, so does their technology. IT teams of all sizes are struggling to bridge the recovery gap between legacy and cloud applications within their physical and virtual environments. Ultimately, organizations are finding it increasingly harder to meet the unforgiving uptime demands of the business and its customers.

Digital transformation and cloud adoption have set the expectation that your systems won’t go down—but that’s not realistic. You still have to maintain the fundamentals of business and technology resilience: you have to protect your data. You have to have a broad recovery plan that
addresses both the physical compromise of a data center and the compromise of data resulting from a successful cyberattack, and you need a plan that is automated and tested regularly.

Once the technology and the processes are in place, you need knowledgeable and available people to execute your plan and while a centralized IT team can seem economical, having your recovery team all located in the same geography could prove problematic in the event of a regional disaster.

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