Benefits of Both Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Hybrid IT is the perfect solution for companies that demand business agility, scalability and an OPEX cost model of the Cloud, but want consistent performance and control of security, compliance, and costs over the longer term. As a result, we have seen private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions coalesce around distinct use cases.

Hybrid is about deciding which workloads are to be deployed to the cloud and which run on your company’s infrastructure (e.g. in either your own data center or at a colocation facility). There are four considerations that typically inform this decision: compliance, performance, cost and security.

The adopted strategy will be dictated by the business priorities of an organization and how that maps to applications, data, infrastructure and networks.

Topics covered:

  • IaaS vs. Public Clouds
  • Public Clouds vs. Private Clouds
  • Hosted Cloud vs. Private Cloud
  • Successfully Building Private Cloud Solutions

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