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Extreme Weather: Prepare, Predict, Protect


Wherever your business operates, extreme weather events can have a serious impact. For those based in North America with the upcoming hurricane season to contend with, or in Europe with high summer temperatures and risk of flash storms, preparation by being able to predict potential issues and to help protect your business is vital.

How can you focus on handling the present situation, while also devoting resources to preparing for the many other potential threats your business might face in the coming weeks and months? It requires a balancing act. No one wants to weather one disruption only to be unprepared for the next.

During this webinar we discuss preparing for the likely effects of an extreme weather event, review predictions of potential extreme weather events, and consider what you should do to protect your business.

Join us to discuss:

  • The different extreme weather events and duration
  • Insight into the next few months on a global level
  • Where you can get up-to-date information
  • How COVID-19 may affect your extreme weather business planning

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