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Beyond Hypothetical DR Planning: How to Prepare for the Reality of Post-Disaster Recovery


You’ve failed over your business. Here’s a question for you: Now what?

The truth is, for all the importance we place on having a disaster recovery (DR) plan, companies rarely think about what happens after recovery. This needs to change.

In this session, we’re going to examine all the elements you should be thinking about ahead of time to ensure a successful post-disaster recovery. Questions like: Is your recovery environment a temporary solution or will you need it for long-term production? Are you able to connect to everything in your ecosystem? Can you run all of your production workloads in your post-recovery environment? How do you ultimately fail back?

In the end, circumstances are going to dictate your DR. By focusing on what you’re going to do after you recover, you stand a better chance of stabilizing your business, getting up and running faster.

Featured Speaker:

  • Girish Dadge, Senior Director - Product Management, Sungard AS

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