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The Importance of Resilient Leadership and Infrastructure in the Finance Sector


In a highly competitive financial industry, a swift and decisive response to a disaster is key to mitigating the reputational and commercial damage caused. High profile system failures erode public confidence and in a competitive marketplace this can have damaging results in a short period of time.

Many organizations are so dependent on their IT systems, that some banking sector insiders have remarked that is feels like working for an IT company with a bank attached. This dependency on technology for both back end operations and customer experience has made resilience and the ability to recover ever more important.

During this session we’ll look at some of the challenges we’ve seen in the marketplace and how financial institutions can overcome them through resilient and clear leadership, robust infrastructure and sound IT Disaster Recovery planning.

Featured Speaker:

  • Chris Butler, Principal Consultant, Risk, Resilience & Security, Sungard AS

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