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2019 North America Disaster Report


In terms of unexpected events, 2019 was a remarkable year: the abdication of Emperor Akihito marked the first time a Japanese monarch had stepped aside in 200 years, while protesters — from Hong Kong to Chile — took to their streets to demand change. In North America, the government shutdown in January foreshadowed the political turmoil ahead, and Equifax’s $425 million settlement for its 2017 data breach served as a stark reminder of the financial impact of cyberattacks. And the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of the year — now declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization — marked the emergence of an unpredictable new risk dimension.

At Sungard AS, we closely monitor the extent and causes of customers accessing — or declaring — our disaster recovery facilities. Amid the turmoil and uncertainty of the past year, key questions remain: what has the impact been on our declarations? What trends can be discerned? And, most importantly, what key lessons can we pass onto our customers, and organizations worldwide? In the report from Oliver Lomer Sungard AS delves into the data to find out more.

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