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2019 UK Annual Invocations Report


Terrorism and civil unrest returned to our streets in 2019, resulting in unprecedented — and unusual — demands on our Workplace Recovery service. What lessons can organisations take from this tumultuous year? In this report, Oliver Lomer takes a close look at Sungard AS’ invocations data to find out more.

2019 was a remarkable year: the climate emergency re-emerged into the global debate, and protesters – from Hong Kong to Paris —took to the streets to demand change. In the UK, a turbulent year of politics
was capped by a decisive election result for the Conservative party in December. And, more recently, dramatic events in Iran have inflamed tensions in the Middle East.

At Sungard AS, we closely monitor the extent and causes of customers accessing — or invoking — our disaster recovery facilities. Amid the turmoil and uncertainty of the past year, key questions remain: what has been the impact on our invocations? What trends can be discerned? And, most importantly, what key lessons can we pass onto our customers, and organisations worldwide?

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