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5 Reasons to Rethink Your Backup and Recovery Plan


Backups are a necessity for every business. In fact, your backups may be the most valuable assets your company owns, as they are the first line of defense in the face of myriad natural and man-made threats. No matter what the disruption, the survival of your organization relies on the confidence in knowing your backups are readily available, sound and most importantly…recoverable. Because without a recovery plan, your backups are essentially ineffectual.

Managing backups and keeping a constant eye on your recovery platform is a big ask for many IT teams with other priorities. To make matters more challenging, traditional backup and recovery plans are typically:

  • Too slow
  • Too risky
  • Too expensive
  • Too complex
  • Too rigid
  • Time consuming

That's why it's time to take another look at your backup and recovery plan.

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