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Do you Fully Understand the Costs of IT DR Management


Most organizations understand the need for an IT disaster recovery (DR) plan. However, when planning for IT DR, many organizations frequently fail to develop a comprehensive DR solution.

While they typically plan for the required hardware and backup software, many organizations don’t understand that a disaster recovery program, which includes the people and processes required to document the recovery procedures, test the procedures, execute the recovery at time of outage, and manage the ongoing lifecycle, is essential to ensuring successful IT DR.

In effect, no ‘set it and forget it’ technology exists when it comes to DR. These organizations are not fully aware of all the expertise, tasks, and technology required to implement an effective plan, nor do they have a full grasp on all the costs involved.

This white paper details the critical elements necessary to put in place the three key components of a comprehensive IT DR solution:

  • backup hardware
  • software, and
  • the surrounding program

It then describes how selectively utilizing the services and capabilities of a DR specialist — for example, leveraging Sungard Availability Services’ Managed Recovery Program (MRP) — may help reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of an IT DR program.

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