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How to Thrive in the Cloud


Digital transformation isn’t just about technology—it’s about people as well

IT is constantly evolving, and cloud computing is a fast-moving field that isn’t always easy to traverse. As more organizations seek to use IT to differentiate themselves from competitors, the momentum behind cloud adoption will continue to increase.

The journey in the cloud can be a tough and complex transformation. Whether you just started to dabble in the cloud or, like 93% of enterprises you already have a multi-cloud strategy, early adoption obstacles such as costs, skills, leadership buy-in, and technology choices are still as relevant today as they were at the beginning of the journey.

Chief Technology Officer
Data is our business, so it’s extremely critical that we maintain a solid, secure infrastructure for our analysts to perform their work. We’ve partnered with Sungard AS to build redundancy and resiliency into everything we do, and we’ve never had an issue with downtime that’s caused by environment, location or networks.

Chief Technology Officer, Verus Analytics

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