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The C-Suite Guide to Maximizing Availability


We operate in an "always-on" economy. Your employees, suppliers and customers expect that systems and applications will be available 24/7/365. This means your business infrastructure must be highly available and that your business applications is paramount. Unfortunately, your business is constantly facing unpredictable forces that are often out of your control.

To address such issues, many companies design highly available production environments as well as develop extensive IT recovery management plans only to see them fall apart when the unexpected happens.

A global benchmark study found that 73 percent of companies are unprepared for disaster recovery. Additionally, the study finds 78 percent those companies experienced outages of critical applications, leading to losses from a few thousand dollars to over $5 million. Many things can occur to prevent a successful recovery, even for those situations that have been identified in a business continuity plan, and prepared for through previous recovery tests.

To fulfill the goal of IT availability needed to compete in today's "always on, always available" world and ensure your recovery efforts are successful, it's a good idea to ask your staff five critical questions. Based on the answer to these questions, you will have a better idea if your IT recovery plans have you covered or need revising. This paper discusses those questions and provides strategic recommendations to take into account before the next outage affects you.

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Chief Technology Officer
Data is our business, so it’s extremely critical that we maintain a solid, secure infrastructure for our analysts to perform their work. We’ve partnered with Sungard AS to build redundancy and resiliency into everything we do, and we’ve never had an issue with downtime that’s caused by environment, location or networks.

Chief Technology Officer, Verus Analytics

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