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    Why the office is not dead yet


    The office is dead — long live working from home! Or so many people would have you believe. At Sungard Availability Services we, too, have heard of the challenges to the Workplace Recovery services that we have been providing for over 40 years. We’ve also heard this before, though – the advent of cloud computing was going to kill off specialist technology providers as everyone went to public cloud.

    Unsurprisingly, this isn’t how it worked out. Furthermore, the death of the office environment has been greatly exaggerated, and we’ve only had a few weeks of home working for many so far. I’d like companies to reflect on the suitability of a widely dispersed workforce after 3-4 months, assuming, of course, that it will take most of the summer to get back to ‘normal’. If sporting seasons are terminated early, and with many schools suggesting they won’t reopen until September, it would seem fair to assume that it will take just as long for the working environment to re-establish itself.

    We certainly don’t pretend that it will go back to the way it was. Indeed, when we discuss the concept of resilience with our clients, we talk about the key traits of flexibility, adaptability and agility. Simply returning to the previous state (before the disruption) is rarely a good idea, and everyone should always learn and improve following a disruption, especially one with the impacts of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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