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    Public Cloud Services

    Accelerate your Public Cloud transformation and power your business with Next-Gen Managed Cloud Services from Sungard Availability Services.

    Accelerate Your Public Cloud Transformation.

    Many vendors claim to take a consultative approach in getting a customer acclimated to AWS or Azure, but at the rate that new features are released the traditional approach of "hand over and close project" is flawed.

    That’s not us. Sungard AS partners with you throughout your cloud transformation using a blend of technology and innovation that, at its core, aligns the most appropriate strategy to meet your needs while designing a migration path to public cloud provider environments that satisfy existing workloads.

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    By engaging with you to better understand your needs, deploying the security and speed you require and delivering operational excellence, we build trust. Our approach is collaborative: partnering with you as an integral part of your team while enabling the outcomes you expect from both your current and future initiatives.

    The top challenge in cloud migration is understanding application dependencies
    Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report

    Release the potential of your Public Cloud with Sungard AS' Next-Gen Managed Public Cloud Services

    Get best of breed tools to power your business and accelerate your public cloud transformation, you also get a partner that works with you to understand your business objectives and build a personalized plan to deliver the outcomes you need with greater velocity.

    Navigating the Complexity of Public Cloud to Release its Full Potential

    At Sungard AS, we offer advisory services comparable to those offered by a public cloud provider directly. We actively seek to optimize the services we provide by going beyond traditional capacity and availability monitoring to help optimize spend and by utilizing numerous clouds.

    Did you know?

    61% of organizations plan to optimize cloud costs in 2021
    59% of organizations plan to focus on cloud migration
    30% of cloud spend is wasted (estimated)

    Source: Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report

    AWS or Azure?

    AWS and Azure offer many similar capabilities, so it’s not necessarily a matter of one provider being “better” or “worse” than the other. It all depends on the needs of the business.


    Many organizations that are looking for the most significant transformations are adopting AWS due to its maturity and breadth of serverless computing capabilities, whereas other organizations are looking to Azure to host its information technology functions due to its integration with Office 365 and Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities.    

    No matter your decision, you will be reaping the benefits of a hyper-scalable cloud solution that can meet your growing business needs and Sungard AS can be that Next-Gen Managed Service provider to take you there.

    AWS or Azure? Which one is Right for You?

    Sungard AS can support all your public cloud needs with our Managed Cloud – Azure or Managed Cloud – AWS offers. Both enable the flexibility, scalability and reliability of industry-leading platforms that complement a client’s hybrid IT environment.

    Sungard AS Next-Gen Managed Services helps you to make this transformation complete, at the speed you want and with the security and safety your business requires. So, whether you ultimately decide on AWS or Azure, you can achieve the availability, cost, and performance profile that your business needs, your end users expect, and your customers demand.

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    Cloud users are not doing all they can to optimize costs – it is estimated they waste 30% of their cloud spend*.  Our experts can help minimize this waste with our new flexible contracting, consumption, and managed services models.   

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    *Source: Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report