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    Public cloud

    Accelerate your Public Cloud transformation and power your business with Next-Gen Managed Cloud Services from Sungard Availability Services.

    What are public cloud services?

    Public cloud is a model of computing that allows users to access virtual resources remotely. Here at Sungard AS, we’re well-acquainted with cloud computing of all kinds, including public cloud. If you’re having trouble figuring out what public cloud is, or deciding between public or private cloud, then we can provide the guidance you’re looking for

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    AWS or Azure public cloud?

    AWS or Azure?

    In general, organizations looking to make significant alterations tend to do so through AWS. This is owing to its maturity, and to the breadth of ‘serverless’ computing options it offers. Other organizations might prefer Azure and its integration with Office 365 and Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities. 

    We can help you to examine the needs of your business, and make a decision that suits them. No matter what you decide, you’ll reap the benefits of a hyper-scalable cloud solution. Sungard AS can be the managed service provider to take you there. 

    AWS and Azure offer many similar capabilities, so it’s not necessarily a matter of one provider being better or worse than the other. Which public cloud is right for your business will depend on its needs.

    How we help

    Sungard AS can support all your public cloud needs with our Managed Cloud – Azure or Managed Cloud – AWS offers. Both enable the flexibility, scalability and reliability of industry-leading platforms that complement a client’s hybrid IT environment.

    Sungard AS Next-Gen Managed Services helps you to make this transformation complete, at the speed you want and with the security and safety your business requires. So, whether you ultimately decide on AWS or Azure, you can achieve the availability, cost, and performance profile that your business needs, your end users expect, and your customers demand.

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    Next-gen managed public cloud services from Sungard AS

    Get best of breed tools to power your business and accelerate your public cloud transformation from a partner that works with you to understand your business objectives and build a personalized plan to deliver the outcomes you need with greater velocity.

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    *Source: Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report