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    AWS public cloud

    Accelerate AWS Public Cloud Adoption and power your business with Next-Gen Managed AWS Cloud Services from Sungard AS, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

    Accelerate your public cloud with AWS

    Businesses are adopting cloud technology faster than ever. Innovative leaders are realizing the benefits of operating in the cloud, and every day more and more are rapidly migrating their workloads over to this environment. The smartest of them are using a certified partner to do so.  

    Organizations that migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud are guaranteed an acceleration in their journey when they migrate with a partner. 

    We offer advisory services far above those you can get directly from AWS support. We actively seek to optimize the services we provide to a customer going beyond the traditional capacity and availability monitoring to help optimize spend and utilize numerous cloud systems.  

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    We help you realize the benefits of the Public Cloud

    Public cloud is one of the most common types of cloud computing models on the market. The two most popular public cloud offerings are AWS and Azure.

    Such resources are owned and operated by third-party vendors and delivered over the internet. This allows companies who adopt the business support technology to reap the benefits of lower costs, zero maintenance, high availability and reliability, and almost unlimited scalability.

    Move your business-critical operations to the public cloud and stop worrying about hardware and software purchases. With the public cloud, you only pay for the services you use.

    Enjoy further cost savings without the IT overhead. Whether you are an SMB or a large enterprise, operating in the public cloud means your service provider manages and maintains your IT infrastructure.

    Without the need for on-premises servers, the public cloud provides on-demand resources that are always available and can scale up or down to meet your business needs.
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    Our focus at thedatabank is on data security, and we maintain a state-of-the-art data center with Sungard AS using AWS Managed Services to protect our clients. Data is safer with thedatabank than it is in our clients’ own offices, and we can do it all at a reasonable cost thanks to our Sungard AS and AWS solution.
    Chief Technology Officer, thedatabank

    Next-gen managed public cloud services from Sungard AS

    Get best of breed tools to power your business and accelerate your public cloud transformation. You also get a partner that works with you to understand your business objectives and build a personalized plan to deliver the outcomes you need with greater velocity.


    Consulting Services for Cloud

    We offer first-class consulting services for your cloud environment — whether it's a hybrid or multi-cloud platform — from the first step of migration right through to the end of your cloud journey.

    Our cloud experts work closely with you to understand your business and create a tailor-made solution.

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    Accelerate your Managed AWS Transformation.
    ​Combine the strengths of AWS cloud services with the proven resilience, recovery and hybrid IT management expertise of Sungard AS for a secure, managed cloud solution.

    More than a million customers rely on AWS cloud services for faster innovation, lower costs and global application scalability. Now, you can rely on Sungard AS to get the most from your AWS solutions. As an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, an AWS Managed Service Provider and an AWS Storage Competency Partner with 40 years of experience, Sungard AS is uniquely positioned to help you leverage AWS cloud resources across your production and recovery environments.





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    Cloud users are not doing all they can to optimize costs – it is estimated they waste 30% of their cloud spend*.  Our experts can help minimize this waste with our new flexible contracting, consumption, and managed services models.   

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    *Source: Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report