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    UK Sovereign Cloud Services

    Our specialized cloud services to support the UK Public Sector

    Supporting all your “cloud first” needs

    Keeping up with the relentless pace of technology change is always a challenge. For UK public sector organisations, it means delivering reliable, secure and optimised digital services on a tight budget. The pressure to simultaneously provide scalable and agile services is just as relentless.


    Like any private business, government organizations need to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud while finding ways to efficiently manage workloads. Many organizations experience the common challenge of determining which applications are best suited to which cloud model to gain the greatest performance, accessibility and sustainability for that workload. Public sector agencies also face greater migration challenges, thanks to data protection and compliance demands that require a unique blend of clearance, skills and expertise that are not always available in-house or from many service providers.


    Sungard AS UK Sovereign services are purposely built to support high-security government requirements across a variety of cloud delivery models to give you the best options for your application needs. Located in secure Government-grade UK Hosting environments, we provide both a private cloud service, Managed Cloud Services for UK Government, and a public cloud service, Managed Cloud - AWS, UK Sovereign. We have a proven track record of delivering “official” and “official sensitive” compliant solutions, and can help you gain the agility of cloud, the security and compliance needed for your most sensitive data, and the IT resilience public sector organisations require to deliver responsive managed services.

    Features & Benefits

    • Security Cleared Personnel. UK Sovereign support by SC+NPPV cleared personnel (SC = Security Check, NPPV = Non-Police Personal Vetting).

    • Certified connection to PSN.  Assured (PSN-A), and Protected (PSN-P).   

    • Built-In Resiliency. Mitigate risk with recoverable and resilient infrastructure.

    • Optimize Cost.  Leverage the ease of subscription-based pricing with the ability to flex up through on-demand consumption (pay-as-you-go).

    • Hybrid connectivity. Access multiple Sungard AS hosted “Official” and “Official Sensitive” platforms to simultaneously manage transformation across a variety of application needs.

    • Ease of management. Our cleared experts provide operational support and manage the entire cloud environment for you, limiting the resources you need to acquire in house.



    Managed Cloud Services for UK Government

    Built upon enterprise class compute, storage, and network infrastructure, this service is delivered from two geographically discrete data centres. Offering a single data center availability SLA of 99.95%, rising to 99.99% for dual data center deployments, these services benefit from our 40-year heritage providing resilient business solutions


    Managed Cloud – AWS, UK Sovereign

    Leveraging Amazon Web Services, we deliver enterprise-class, multitenancy, scalable IT infrastructures for production and pre-production workloads from a secure hosted environment, resiliently connected. You retain control over your applications without the burden of owning and managing the underlying AWS infrastructure

    Related Services

    Consulting Services

    Sungard AS deploys security cleared personnel with significant government agency experience to support highly regulated and business model for sensitive clients. Leveraging secure data collection and analysis to understand your current environment, we capture the needed risk management and security requirements to develop the right future infrastructure and operating model design. We also apply secure migration approaches and perform subsequent assurance and compliance through IT health checks, penetration testing and application of the most appropriate risk assessment methodology to fit your needs.

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