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    Cloud Connectivity

    Cloud Connectivity services from Sungard AS can unlock the full potential of digital transformation. Get high performance, high availability & low latency.

    Over the past decade, the cloud has grown at an explosive rate

    As adoption continues to grow, more and more organizations find themselves operating with workloads spanning across ‘traditional’ on-premises infrastructure, and a variety of cloud environments resulting in a complex hybrid IT ecosystem. To maximize the benefits of distributed environments, and achieve the best possible performance, organizations need reliable and dynamic interconnectivity across their entire workload landscape.


    At Sungard AS, we not only manage your infrastructure from our global network of hardened, resilient data centers, but we also provide the high-performance connectivity required to unlock the full potential of the cloud. You’ll gain on-demand, scalable and secure connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers. Connections are spun up in seconds – not hours – and contract terms are kept flexible: just as you would expect from the cloud.

    Our highly resilient Connected Infrastructure Hubs provide access to hundreds of cloud and network providers, across over 80 cloud regions globally. All of this transforms the vision of a truly digital organization, powered by hybrid IT, into reality.

    Features & Benefits

    • Connect to the world’s leading cloud providers. Over 300 cloud service providers are available.
    • Achieve global reach. Access over 80 cloud regions from just one of our data centers.
    • Maximize your flexibility. Scale bandwidth up and down on-demand. Choose the contract terms that best fit your cloud usage.
    • Experience speed of provisioning. Connections provided in seconds - not minutes.
    • Make hybrid IT a reality. Connect your physical infrastructure to, and across, multiple clouds and cloud providers.

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    Security Services

    Cyber threats continue to evolve and accelerate. Sungard AS can help you achieve all your security and compliance needs, helping to secure your infrastructure from DDoS and other external threats.


    We help integrate your cloud connectivity in support of your application hosting needs. Our services help develop continuous availability and optimized application performance, ensuring connectivity across your on-prem, colocation and hybrid multi-cloud deployments.

    Connected Infrastructure

    On-site operation support services, often known as ‘smart hands’ provide 24/7 access to on-site, skilled IT professionals for remote management, installation and troubleshooting of your data center equipment – saving you time and money.


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