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    Connected recovery

    Achieve complete business resilience by leveraging infrastructure and workplace recovery solutions—for both virtual and physical assets.

    Attain true business resilience for all of your IT and people resources.

    Too many people put their business at risk because they don’t fully recognize the consequences of not investing in a solid data recovery plan. Organizations need to understand the cost of downtime as well as the criticality and dependencies of their data, systems, and applications.

    We can help you leverage a full suite of infrastructure and workforce recovery solutions tailored to meet your business objectives. Our resiliency plans consider RTOs (recovery time objectives) and RPOs (recovery point objectives), based on the criticality of your data and applications. We customize your plan according to your risk tolerance for lost data, budget, service-level agreements with end customers, and workforce accessibility.

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    Our custom solutions help you meet your goals—seamlessly

    You need business continuity and resilience to thrive during disruptions and maintain a competitive edge. Your customers, partners, and employees are counting on you to protect your financial stability and reputation. Hand off your disaster recovery operations to Sungard AS, and our 40 years of IT recovery experience will help you meet those goals.


    Consulting services

    We develop, implement, and enhance your disaster recovery (DR) program. Our agile, modular, and adaptable risk management approach manages your DR risk across an ever-changing threat landscape.We’ll establish metrics around conformance, compliance, and recovery readiness—ensuring continual risk awareness and recovery confidence.

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