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    Data Backup and Vaulting

    Data protection for your dynamic hybrid IT environment

    As cloud solutions mature, and hybrid environments grow in complexity, it is essential to adapt to the growing data protection requirements of your dynamic environment. Managing data that resides in a multitude of cloud platforms, as well as on prem, means optimizing your data backup strategy to reduce storage complexity and decrease costs.


    A good strategy also requires a plan to secure your data from breach and theft

    A recent survey indicates that by 2021 a new organization will be breached by a cybercriminal every 11 seconds* and that virus could lay undetected in your network for over 100 days.  If your current backup strategy is on a rolling 30-day schedule and that dormant virus goes live, you risk your business, your customers, as well as your reputation.



    Whether you are concerned about GDPR compliance, industry-specific data protection regulations, or just ensuring your business has continued access to its data, you need to mitigate the risks associated with lost or corrupted data and that data needs to be ready for restore at a moment’s notice.  Our Backup and Vaulting solutions provide secure, offsite data protection along with the capabilities to restore your archived data and keep your business running.


    • Three ways to protect data with unified data protection for hybrid IT environments by supporting both cloud ready and legacy applications.
    • No platform limitations - ability to back up any workload from any of your production environments including Unix, Mainframe, SAP, and Oracle.
    • Fully managed recovery available as a complementary service.
    • Inter-connect with other SungardAS products including: Cloud Recovery Server Replication, Colocation, Physical IT Recovery Services.
    • Reduce your data center footprint, avoid large capex on refreshing legacy backup hardware and software maintenance fees.

    Consulting Services

    We assist your organization with Assessing and Implementing critical data protection capabilities to ensure your data is safeguarded during a Disaster Recovery, or Malicious Compromised Data scenario. Access to our advisory solutions across Backup and Recovery Assessments, Cyber Compromised Data Risk Management Assessments, DR Planning, DR Testing and Exercising to ensure you can successfully recover its applications and data.

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