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    Managed Recovery

    DRaaS solutions that align to your specific recovery needs

    Your Business Resilience is Our Business

    The catastrophic impact a disaster event can have on a business has increased and the risks are getting greater. More than 50% of companies have admitted to having inadequate in-house recovery resources*. So, what happens when risk becomes reality? Is your disaster recovery investment adequate in relation to your cost of downtime?


    Should an outage occur, you need to have the confidence in your recovery program to know exactly how long it will take for the business to be back online

    It is crucial to understand the interconnectivity between all your hybrid technologies, your cloud risk management strategy and how you will balance competing recovery objectives from your most to least critical business applications. You can no longer just prepare for power outages and natural disasters. Cyberattacks are among the fastest growing crimes and your response strategies need to reflect each unique type of business disruption.

    Sungard AS has a proven track record of delivering successful recoveries for our customers, well above market average

    With over 40 years as a leader in disaster recovery, our breadth and range of Managed Recovery solutions support both physical and virtual recovery scenarios with each plan tailored to your various recovery time and recovery point objectives. Our recovery solutions are SLA backed, scalable, and based on your business goals. We help you remain resilient in the face of disaster or disruption so that you can focus on your people and customers.

    Features and Benefits

    • Fully managed recovery for both virtual and physical environments, including hybrid IT environments.
    • Replication for virtual-to-virtual or physical-to-virtual.
    • Low RPO and RTO for little to no data loss and quick failover reducing risk of revenue loss and production downtime.
    • Monthly to annual testing and reporting for auditing purposes and to ensure ongoing recoverability.
    • Tailored solutions that scale to meet your resilience requirements and price point.
    • Full recovery lifecycle management.


    *TechRepbulic Oct 2018
    ** DRI International Study conducted May 2017

    Consulting Services

    We help you transition your DR needs from an internal solution to a Sungard AS Fully Managed DRaaS capability. Access to our advisory solutions across DR Program Maturity Assessments, DR Risk Management Assessments, Cyber Resilience Assessments, DR Planning, DR Testing and Exercising that help to ensure a comprehensive approach to your Managed Recovery needs.

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