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    Recovery Management

    Sungard AS is a leading provider and pioneer of Disaster Recovery Management with 40 years of proven success.

    Protect your data, recover your environment

    For too long, testing your disaster recovery plan has been a once or twice a year exercise, conducted by a siloed team performing a time-bound project. Little wonder that 7 out of 10 organizations fail to meet their RTO/RPO objectives when left to their own devices. Disaster recovery management shouldn't be a standalone work effort, but woven into the ongoing fabric of production IT availability - especially considering the highly changeable, infinitely complex hybrid IT environments of today.

    Sungard AS can assume responsibility for your recovery under our Managed Recovery Program (MRP). Our experts will develop your recovery plans and procedures, maintain them to ensure synchronization with changes in your production environment, and completely manage the testing of IT application recovery plans.

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    With Sungard Availability Services Managed Recovery Program (MRP)– you will have the complete set of people, processes, tools and environments to ensure comprehensive, compliant and effective testing and data recovery.

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    Video: Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program

    Recovery is useless if you can't recover what you have in production.
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    Why Sungard AS for Managed Recovery?

    Some providers narrowly focus on data backup, replication and virtual machine recovery. Sungard AS combines decades of disaster recovery experience with a broad portfolio of recovery offerings, cloud and managed services, and consulting capabilities to deliver our promise of providing fully-recoverable production services, especially suited to the hybrid requirements of the modern enterprise.



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    Nearly 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by IT failures and power outages, but only 41% of business are testing their DR plan regularly*  

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