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    Managed Security Services

    Get expertise in the design, implementation, and operation of enterprise-wide security to defend and respond to cyberattacks.

    Maximize protection, minimize risk

    Modern malware and attacks are highly sophisticated and leverage a multitude of vectors. We’ll help you build a tailored, multi-layered security approach to tighten security across the breadth of your business assets—from web, network, and application, through to end-point. With around-the-clock, expert security, you’ll have high levels of support across your IT environments, whether on-premise, hosted, or cloud-based. You’ll also satisfy your compliance requirements through robust operational best-practice and technical capabilities.

    Tap into the expertise of a partner that will give you the breadth, depth, and agility you need to get in front of malicious attacks, reduce the risk of a successful breach, and minimize the impact of an event.


    Our exhaustive, no-gap coverage keeps you secure

    Sungard AS fills in gaps in your security landscape, with a holistic, multilayered approach. Point solutions address only one aspect of a security attack. Our robust security model takes into consideration how you run your business before a security event, your priorities during an event, and how to minimize damage so you can get back to work.


    Consulting services

    Secure your IT environment with Cyber Resilience Consulting Services from Sungard AS.

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