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    Network and Endpoint Security Services

    Sungard AS offers a comprehensive solution to securing your networks and endpoints, protecting your business from the threat of cyber attacks.

    Managed protection and detection for your networks and servers

    We provide a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to securing your network and endpoint infrastructure with the right mix of technology, people and processes to avoid security drift.

    Gain control of your network security posture

    With a combination of Managed Firewalls and VPN's coupled with Intrusion Prevention, File Integrity Monitoring and Identity Access Control Technologies we offer a tiered approach to securing your networks and endpoints. With 40 years of experience securing IT environments, Sungard AS is well placed to become a trusted security partner to your business.

    Cyber Resilience Consulting Services

    Secure your IT environment with Cyber Resilience Consulting Services from Sungard AS.

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    About our Partner

    A trusted partner for over 10 years, Alert Logic is a recognized leader in providing security and compliance services and has:

    • 16 years of experience delivering Security-As-A-Service and seamlessly connecting Platform, Intelligence, and Experts
    • 4,000+ Customers Worldwide
    • Support for: On-premises, data centers, containers, Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare.



    Why choose Sungard AS?

    Sungard AS provides IT solutions to drive digital transformation, secure your environment and deliver business resilience.

    Sungard AS, along with our Security technology partners, deliver services that are built for resilience, security and performance, helping you focus on your core business while we manage your IT. We’ve crafted the foundation on which you can build and grow your business and help to “future proof” your company.

    We know the success of your business isn’t just about one application, one workload or one environment. That’s why our strength is not about one specific offer, but rather the sum of its parts.

    It’s the ability for all your applications and workloads to reliably work together within or across multiple environments, keeping them secure and always available. That is what keeps your business moving forward and with our 40-year heritage, we can help you get there.



    To keep your critical business operations running all day every day, 
    get connected with Sungard Availability Services today. 

    Nearly 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by IT failures and power outages, but only 41% of business are testing their DR plan regularly*  

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