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    Coworking space

    Our Serviced Workplaces can provide your workforce with flexible, affordable and collaborative office space. They’re fully customized to help maximize the creativity and productivity of your team.

    Resilient. Flexible. Connected coworking office space.

    Hybrid work environments blend the ability to work from anywhere with the opportunity to stay connected to colleagues in a collective space. By utilizing these environments, you can innovate and optimize while retaining your company’s unique culture. Our regionally diverse suites are designed to meet your specific requirements, so that every location feels like "home base."

    We’ve been a leading provider of workforce availability solutions for over four decades and have a peerless understanding of what works.

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    How our spaces are unique

    Allowing workers to contribute remotely means less office space is required, reducing the costs of your premises. It also allows for a better work-life balance for your hardworking employees.
    This has proven popular with employees. According to recent polling, 95% of remote workers want flexibility. Workplaces that allow for this can retain high-value members of staff.
    Not every workplace is built for hybrid working. Arriving at the optimal solution is a process of trial and error. By seeking outside guidance you’ll be able to cut out the guesswork and provide the environment you and your workers crave.

    Helping Your Workforce Work Anywhere

    Our Serviced Workplace solutions serve a variety of purposes. 

    To be competitive in the labor market, you’ll need to offer convenience to would-be employees. This means providing prospective new recruits with a workplace that’s within reach. 

    Built-in protections 
    Our coworking spaces have business continuity and disaster recovery resources built-in. You'll never have to sacrifice security or reliability to attain the convenience of a ready-made co-working solution. 

    Our hybrid workplaces will lower the cost of your premises. You won’t need the capital associated with a large cumbersome office.  

    Local offices
    A single large, centralized premises can be supplemented by regionally dispersed, smaller office space.Cast a wider net for new recruits, and reduce travel distance for everyone. 

    Video: Serviced Workplace from Sungard AS

    Customized, affordable, and collaborative serviced office space for your dynamic remote workforce, with built in business continuity.
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    Sungard AS Serviced Offices Across North America 

    We offer serviced offices in the following locations:


    Why Sungard AS for coworking?

    Sungard AS’ portfolio of services provides end-to-end availability, performance and resilience. 

    As well as helping you find an alternative to traditional workplace dynamics, we can assist in your business continuity and disaster recovery, helping you to get back on your feet after a setback, and to avoid the worst consequences of a disaster. 

    We’re able to help our clients meet the constantly evolving needs of the connected enterprise, both today and tomorrow. With our help, you’ll be ready to cater to a mobile, modern workforce. 

    With locations around the world, Sungard AS offers flexible coworking office space in dedicated suites, tailored to your precise requirements.