13th November 2019


Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST

If your organization is like most, your IT resourcing needs to change day-to-day. The market demand for Digital, Cloud and Cybersecurity talent is higher than ever, and completing programs in these areas are critical to organizations today. The need to strike a balance across resourcing agility, speed, and cost-effectiveness is causing organizations to rethink their workforce models to gain more flexibility.

Do you have technology projects that require you to flex-up quickly to get the project done, and then flex-down? Do you need help in staffing your growing Cybersecurity needs? Do you have specific niche resources that you are struggling to find? Join us as we discuss ramping up resources to achieve your desired outcomes and deadlines. Learn how to quickly find and address your staffing needs to meet and achieve your business and IT objectives.

Featured Speaker: Ed King, Principal, Business Development and Advisory Consulting, Sungard AS


Contact: Kathleen Aris - as.marketingevents@sungardas.com