Wayne, Pa. – July 18, 2016 – Sungard Availability Services ® (Sungard AS) today announced Sungard AS Cloud-Based Recovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Western Europe, providing automated recovery of virtual workloads on the AWS Cloud.

With Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS, customers can experience the full capabilities of Sungard AS' industry-leading cloud recovery solutions – including storage replication, off-site storage and automated recovery of protected workloads – as a fully managed utility-priced service. In other words, companies pay only for recovery compute on AWS at the time of test or disaster, plus a monthly fee.

"Sungard AS Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS provides companies with the ability to protect their virtual workloads within a predictable monthly budget," said Chris Ortbals, Vice President for Product Management, Sungard AS. "By leveraging the expertise of Sungard AS with a proven cloud recovery model, we can now help customers in Western Europe as well as North America manage their data recovery, which gives IT staff more time to focus on production and business-critical objectives for their organizations."

In the absence of a comprehensive recovery program, responding to system failures, regulatory requirements and outages can be virtually impossible. Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS services ensure comprehensive and cost-effective testing and recovery, which helps customers to comply with regulatory requirements.

New service level agreements (SLAs) include faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) of as little as two hours, with no lower limit to the amount of data under protection. Sungard AS can assemble a tailored solution for each individual customer made up of Sungard AS-protected virtual machines, AWS Cloud services and advanced options for data management. Sungard AS channel partners around the world can leverage Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS to add services and become a trusted advisor to their clients as they grow their business with the cloud.

Customers can take advantage of several other key benefits from Sungard AS, including secure encryption of data while in transit and at rest. Organizations can use existing AWS environments to realize utility-based resource pricing for the recovery site on the AWS Cloud so they pay only for the AWS resources consumed by their recovery site, with no limit for the time spent in recovery. Sungard AS Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS replicates and stores data in an encrypted, compressed, de-duplicated state.

For customers interested in pursuing a public cloud strategy for recovery, workloads can be virtualized into a private cloud with the Sungard AS turn-key solution providing both public and private connectivity for storage replication. With more and more businesses looking to improve business agility and increase resiliency, Sungard AS Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS helps ensure that their data is protected while helping them reduce expenses.

Sungard AS is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). View more information on Sungard AS Cloud-Based Recovery for AWS.

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