• The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

    Learn about the importance of disaster recovery planning, covering common issues businesses face and reasons why you absolutely must have a plan in place.

  • Definitions & Examples Of The Different Cloud Services

    Find out what the difference is between core cloud services such as public, private & hybrid, including definitions & examples of when you could use them.

  • What Is Hybrid IT? The Benefits & Approaches

    Hybrid IT is the mix of IT infrastructure platforms used to satisfy application workload & data needs. Learn about the benefits, challenges & approaches.

  • Today's apps mean big business

    Today, apps are no longer just for games – they are taking on big business. Just as David once felled Goliath with a well-aimed pebble, so too are start-up businesses disrupting their larger, more established rivals with one small, newly developed tool: digital-first apps.

  • What Is A Mainframe?

    Find out what a mainframe is how they are used in day-to-day activities by large corporations which require certain levels of processing power.

  • Managed Cloud AWS gives you the best of two leading brands

    Managed Cloud - AWS gives you all the compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality your business needs coupled with the expert design, configuration and support you expect from a Sungard AS managed service.

  • What Is Hierarchical Storage Management?

    Find out what hierarchical storage management is and how you can use it to free up IT resources, minimize costs and benefit disaster recovery processes.

  • What Is IT Managed Services?

    We cover what managed services are and what a managed service provider is responsible for when you outsource some of your IT management to a third-party.

  • What Is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

    DRaaS works with your current disaster recovery plan to ensure normal service resumes as quickly as possible during outages. Find out why you should use it.

  • How To Choose Between Public, Private, or Hybrid Clouds

    Find out what the differences are between public, private, and hybrid clouds. Learn how you could use each solution and discover which may be best for you.